Standard Container Dimensions

By Russell Perdue

A shipping container comes in a range of sizes. Shipping container dimensions tend to be based on the outside proportions. For example, a 20 ft. shipping container is typically 20 ft. in length, 8 ft. in width and 8 ft. in height. A 40 foot shipping container has measurements that are 40 ft. long, 8 ft. wide and are the height of 8 ft. and 6 inches. There is also a 53 foot shipping container that has container dimensions of fifty-three feet long, eight feet tall and nine feet six inches wide.

Inside Container Dimensions

The actual height and width for the a big container is standard at 8 feet, however, that can vary sometimes based on the model. If you select a shipping container according to the exterior dimension, you must also learn about the inside measurements. As a result of thick walls, the inside of a 20 foot container might measure 19 feet and 4 inches in length, 7 feet and 8 inches in width and 7 feet and 10 inches high.

Container Dimensions for Shipping

Even though shipping container dimensions, particularly steel ones may be from 8 feet to 45 feet long, the most typical measurements are 20 feet and 40 feet. These standard dimensions are helpful in lots of ways. They permit shipping and air cargo employees to swiftly load them directly into airplanes or ocean liners based on a routine settings. These types of shipping containers are beneficial since it is often known just how much products may be loaded.

For instance, the typical 20 as well as 40 feet sizes will be the typical dimensions used by shipping cars. Several containers such as the 20 and 40 foot dimensions are made in a number of models. The conventional design, one of the most utilized, contains the standard dimensions of either 20 feet or 40 feet length, and 8 foot width and height.

To sum it up, there is a standard size for many shipping containers but some shipping Container Dimensions can be different.

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